How to Drink Water to Lose Weight – Rules to Follow

So how can you lose weight by drinking water? Without any difficulties in case you will follow all the rules and do everything properly.

1. Drink enough water.

During a day you must drink not less than half gallon of pure water which is 64 oz. This is a daily amount our body needs to get obligatory. First, it will help you decrease the appetite and as a result you will eat less. Secondly, it will help to get rid of disease-causing toxins and clean up your organism. But how do you know what is the right amount of necessary water exactly for your body? The fact is that it depends on your weight a lot. So there is a special formula using which you can calculate the right amount of water you must drink every day. It is extremely easy:

– find out your weight in pounds

– divide this number in half

– convert the number you get to ounces – this will be the very amount of your daily water portion

2. Don’t overdo

Though drinking water to lose weight implies plenty of it you must not drink more than it is necessary. For instance, if half gallon is enough you should not take the whole one or even more. You know that too much can be as bad as too little, and in the case of water diet it sure is.

3. Drink only pure water

If you like tea and coffee you should be ready to quit drinking them or reduce their quantity. And if you can’t give up drinking tea or coffee you must not take them instead of water. Count only the amount of pure water as no beverages can replace it. And try not to drink alcohol because of it your body will lose a lot of water and the balance will be ruined which is also harmful for your health.

4. Drink properly

Though you must drink 8 glasses of water per day it doesn’t mean that you should gulp down the entire amount at once. There are certain rules according to which you must drink your daily amount of water:

– begin your morning with one glass of pure water, 30 minutes before the breakfast (it will help stir up the work of your digestive system and metabolism)

– during the day you also must drink water 30 minutes before any meal and not less than two hours after the meal

– it is better to take a bottle of water along, keep one in your car, for example, and sip it every hour; it will help you get used to regular water consumption

Remember that you should not drink a lot of water at once. It is better to divide the daily amount on portions. The point is that if you take several glasses at a heat you will simply stretch your stomach and next time it will ask you for more. For more food, unfortunately. Moreover, you risk losing some useful elements and minerals which will be washed out with water from your organism.

Taking into account the fact that sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst sometimes it is quite enough to drink water instead of eating. How can you tell that it is not a hunger? When you feel like eating something drink water first and wait for 20 minutes. It will help you understand whether you are really hungry, and if you are not, avoid another snack and thus overweight.