Choosing a Good Boot Camp

Personal training can be a great option when you are looking for a fitness programme that promises high chances of success. This is because of the ‘personal’ touch that a Coogee boot camp offers which is what helps you through the difficult journey from flab to fit. This kind of personal involvement is crucial as each individual is different and only personal training can provide your body with that extra edge needed for time-bound success.

However, hiring personal trainers is expensive and with so many of them offering their expertise; selecting the right one is difficult. Know a little beforehand can help you a lot in selecting a good trainer who will be worth your investment.

Check for Qualifications

Many amateurs pass themselves off as trainers but a qualified trainer will come with a Certificate IV in Fitness as the minimum skill level. Some trainers may have even completed more advanced training sessions and will have diplomas in advanced training; geriatric training; pregnancy training; injury rehabilitation training and so on.

So understand your needs carefully and search a little till you find a Coogee boot camp who is ideally suited for your fitness goals.

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Check for Registration 

While registering with a national fitness body is not compulsory, it does go a long way in establishing a trainer’s credentials. In fact, almost 70% of all professional trainers are registered with a national body which indicates their level of qualification and expertise.

This is because all registered trainers have their fitness certificates and industry-approved first aid certificates. Registration also indicates that the Coogee personal trainer has continued with the professional development courses and is aware of the latest trends, scope and ethical practice in the fitness industry.

Check for Insurance 

Although personal training is extremely safe; yet unintentional mishaps can occur and your personal trainer should have the right insurance to deal with it. Registered trainers usually have professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance; this is something you should definitely check out. Visit Coogee Fitness website for more information.

Check for Experience 

Certificates only do not make a good trainer. A personal trainer worth her fees should be able to show results in the form of real-life references. Ask for details of past and present clients who will be able to say a lot about how the trainer actually is. Check for experience, especially the type of clients she has been training and for how long.

Talk to the references about how the trainer helped them achieve their goals, the trainer’s attitude and professionalism and so on. This will give you an advanced peek into how your sessions are likely to be once you hire that trainer.

Check for Expenses 

Last but not least, the Coogee boot camp you hire should be within your budget so that you can complete your sessions and even continue after that; if you feel like.

So always ask beforehand about fees per session, payment options, cancellation terms, initial consultation fees and so on. You may also want to know if you can rope in a few friends to share the expenses. Some trainers may want to you to purchase certain equipments that will further add to your costs.